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Artist Statement

(Editorial Note - this was created for a Berklee class called "Creative Artistry" and it's pretentious sounding as hell to my ears. I've left it as a reminder of some of the crap they consider valuable for our growth as "artists". That class did have slight value in that it was the first time I had shared my music with others, but that was about it. A bunch of navel gazy bullshit). 


I create because I don’t have a choice. I’m driven to tell a story, my story, and the countless stories of those without voices. My art means we’re not alone. My art means we are connected. 

My art is angry, contemptuous, sardonic, amused, nostalgic, melancholic, romantic and a thousand other emotions. My sounds shriek, shrug, push, pull, cajole, sting, laugh and cry. My music embraces, calms, comforts, whispers, strokes, kisses, heals. My music never intends to harm, but it does want to wake you up. Sometimes that’s a gentle tap on the shoulder. Sometimes it’s a clarion call. I hope to distract you, to help you escape from whatever is holding you back or keeping you down, if only for a few minutes. My art is an outstretched hand, hoping to make a connection. My art is my truth. My art is my story. Maybe it’s literal, maybe it’s metaphorical. It’s always how I feel. 

In a practical sense, my music is the culmination of all my years of life and musical experience presented in a fashion that incorporates my love for light and dark, abrasive and mellow, intensity and calmness. I draw on any musical genres that have spoken to me - rock, metal, jazz, classical, folk, electronic and many others. I strive to combine my love of sound, style, and lyrical substance into a cohesive narrative that will move you emotionally and intellectually. I hope to tell a story worthy of your attention and time.