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Rascal's Refrain

This is the lyric video for my song, "Rascal's Refrain". It's about my late teenage years in D/FW, comprised of partying and music. My first "complete" rock song, although I'll likely make changes and potentially re-record the whole thing in the future. It's close to what I heard in my head when I started writing it, but this isn't the idealized version as of yet. This was created as part of a Berklee class, so I was on a time schedule and had to finish the song before I felt I was completely done. 

Life On Mars

This is the version I settled on before the Winter 2017 semester started. I knew the mixing alone would get a second look after the end of the semester and it's possible I may want to re-visit some of the performances. I'll probably leave the video as is except for the mix for the indefinite future. I'm motivated to work on my own projects for awhile and there are probably some other cover vids I'd like to consider first. 


This a shortened version of the Coldplay tune that was ostensibly for a Pro Tools production class. I performed all the parts (drums were tapped out on a midi keyboard controller). I'm only uploading it as a sort of historical reference point as I have seen the value in looking at my previous postings (especially in the sense of where I need to improve, which is everywhere) to document my progress. 

Hamsterdam Abridged