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Book Review - The Runelords

The Runelords series by David Farland - an interesting premise for a fantasy series in which Runelords are powerful men and women who gain superhuman abilities by proxy. They use magic to take certain attributes (brawn, stamina, grace, eyesight, hearing, etc.) from willing (and sometimes unwilling or unaware) subjects who are in turn promised lifelong protection from their patron in turn for relinquishing these priceless gifts. The tale centers around a prince named Gaborn (of course it does, it's an epic fantasy isn't it?) who must battle the Wolf Lord (an epithet for another rune lord who has taken the attributes of dogs and wolves as well as humans) Raj Athen who is trying to become the "Sum of all Men" by taking endowments from thousands of subjects that may eventually grant him immortality and immense power. As the series progresses (I read the first four books, another is forthcoming this November, but it's about the children of the main characters in this story) another main rival is introduced in the form of a race of insectoid creatures known as the reavers and their powerful leader. They will all battle for the fate of the Earth (again, it's Epic Fantasy, what did you expect?) with several unexpected twists as the tale progresses. Overall it's a decent read. Not on par with Robert Jordan for page turnerish goodness, much less George RR Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire series.