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We took the plunge…

and bought Police tickets for the Dallas show at American Airlines center in June. I won't disclose how much we paid for tax purposes :), but we did get a much better deal on Ebay than the Internet scalpers were charging. It seems like most of the scalpers offer very similar ticket options and prices for individual shows, so I wonder how many of them are unique sellers or if they are all part of a international crime syndicate. You definitely feel like you're buying your tickets at gunpoint when looking at the prices. And it's hard to resist when you see they have 2nd and 3rd row center seats available. As long as you don't mind dropping a cool 3 g's for a single ticket, you shouldn't have any problems. 

We got 17th row center floor, so it should work out pretty well. (and our total for two tickets came out well under 4 figures). We saw Sarah Mclachlan at the same place on the 20th row and they were good seats, especially from an audio standpoint. Usually the better the view the poorer the audio in these big arena type shows. These seats are definitely an improvement over what I had for the Synchronicity tour across the street at Reunion Arena back in 1983. Now I just have to arrange to take time off to see the show since it's on a Wednesday. We are going to wait and find out our relocation schedule before we decide on where to see Rush. I was really tempted yesterday because someone was selling 9th row center nearer Alex's side for a decent price, but I decided to wait since the Dallas show may not be our best option. 

The Police and Rush are two shows I most want to see this summer, and I feel like these may be my last opportunities (especially the Police) to ever see these guys live again. I think Rush puts on one of the best shows in the current concert market as well as compared to previous shows I had seen. They used to perform about two hours with most of the material drawn from the current album they were touring on. On the last two tours, the shows have run over 3 hours (with an intermission) and they have played songs from their entire catalog, including songs like Xanadu and Natural Science. They try really hard to please their longtime fans and it's great to hear those songs from that period of their career (AFTK through MP), which is definitely my favorite.