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Vampires are Alive!!!

This is so bad it's good. Apparently it's Switzerland's entry for the Eurovision song contest, which makes it even better. It seems a vampire's supernatural powers include some sweet dance moves. Hey, sometimes you just GOTTA DANCE (he shouted with an effeminate lisp). I wonder how many of those dancers have been out of work since the "Thriller" video? So, what's with the fire breathing and affection for horses?  I guess these are some of the lesser known vampire traits  (along with the twinkly toes).  It's a little too happy for an undead anthem; besides if you follow the "rules" most vampires like classical music. Yep, that's true. And no offense, but I expect my vampires to have names like Marius and Count Dracula. DJ Bobo doesn't quite have the undead ring to it, catchy though it is.