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Read ‘Em and Weep…

Here it is folks, proof that I will be close enough to pinch hit on Alex's Taurus pedals if needed. Check out which row we're on if you doubt that assertion. Can I get a hell yeah? Yes, yes I can.

A co-worker I'll refer to as "Mike" (not his real name)  (that would be Michael) "wanted to see them" so I am honoring that request. Suffice to say that they are under more security than the gold at Ft Knox (if you believe in that sort of thing) and any attempts to displace them from the possession of yours truly would be catastrophic for all concerned (we're talking biblical; you know, cats & dogs living together, total chaos)…

(and now we do the dance of the gloat)

(what's the gloat, you ask?)

(it's a very rare species of north american mammal with a predilection for smoky environments and dangerously high decibel levels)

(the first pic is of the gloat's natural habitat)


rush flames

and zee tickets…