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3 Months

Depending on how you measure it, it's been 3 months since I left the US.  In some ways the time has gone by fast, but at times it does drag a bit. Hopefully the change in the weather will force the insurgents to scale back their efforts significantly. Rumours abound (they always do) that the enemy is intending to carry the fight through the winter which would be a change in strategy for them.  For a rag tag group of fighters who typically go barefoot or wear sandals, it will be quite an accomplishment just to move around outdoors here in about 4-6 weeks. Time will tell. 

The next 3 months includes Aeyoung's birthday (coming shortly), the holidays, and the start of a new year.  My plans for the next quarter are to continue working on getting better at medicine, music, and I'm going to reapply myself to finally learning my wife's native tongue (that will take considerably longer than 3 months, but I've got to start sometime).  I've got a book coming in the mail and I'm going to try and devote time each day to study. 

Hopefully the end of the next quarter will signify the halfway point of the rotation. The end of the quarter will also coincide with the arrival of another brigade and the redistribution of some of our battle space. Hopefully that will go smoothly, although I'd be surprised if it did.