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December surge or swoon?

The Cowboys holiday season travails are well documented and going into last Sunday's game against the Giants, they had done nothing to reverse the doomed trajectory of the last 12 Decembers.  They allowed Pittsburgh to score two touchdowns in the final minutes and thereby gave away a game that was well in hand late in the fourth quarter.  They have routinely snatched defeat from the jaws of victroy in December's past, but perhaps they have turned a corner.

After a week that saw the media sensationalizing locker room strife (that's what they do) and the Cowboys apparently more concerned with interpersonal conflicts, the team came into their penultimate game at Texas Stadium with one thought in mind, beat the Giants and shut all the naysayers up. 

A gritty offensive performance by a struggling o-line and a much battered Tony Romo was able to function effectively enough to score 3 touchdowns while the defense had their way with a very shaky looking Giant's offense led by a repeatedly sacked Eli Manning.  Demarcus Ware increased his NFL leading sack total to 19 with 3 sacks to go along with the 8 sacks by the team, a high for this season.  The Giants appeared to be the team in decline with many 3 and outs by the offense and no good answer for the Cowboys pass rush. 

The Cowboys are already essentially in playoff mode since they need to win out their last two games to ensure their position in the wild card chase.  At this point they control their own destiny and this week when their back's were against the wall they came out fighting.  Hopefully they can maintain their momentum and hunger into the post season.