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A Day of Significance…

draws near. Ever since I saw Jimmy Page strutting around the stage with his low slung Les Paul I have wanted, no, needed one for myself (the guitar, you pervs). Verily, I say I had a case of the G.A.S.  And the only cure for the G.A.S. is more cowbell a Les Paul of the cherry sunburst variety.  Actually, I don't think it was called the G.A.S. back then, although I may have been known to say I was really "jonesin" for one.  The G.A.S. for the LP only grew worse when I had friends who not only owned LPs, but could  also play them well (mostly Zep tunes, but that is what they are designed for specifically)

My first really nice electric was the Fender EJ Strat which I will always play since it's a perfect guitar for what it does.  However, just as a Strat has a niche (in my musical world, anyway) so does the Les Paul. I have always felt something was lacking when trying humbuckerish tones (JP, EVH, RR, Alex, etc.) Although it's true that 90% of tone is in the fingers, the guitar is important too.  I have never desired to have dozens of different guitars, as I want to play my guitars not just collect them.  That being said, I don't think any collection is complete if you don't have at least one good Strat and one good Les Paul (to be accurate I should also add a Tele, ES-175, SG, ….umm, in the interest of preserving the matrimonial peace I will say no more).

I found a good deal on a like new 2006 LP Standard in Heritage Cherry Sunburst which is coming via UPS in two days. It's actually not my first color choice (all due respect to JP), but as you can see it's immaculate and I will learn to love the color. Not to mention that I will immediately begin the aging process by playing it incessantly while neglecting the cosmetic upkeep. My old maxim holds true: if it looks like a museum piece, it probably sounds/plays like a museum piece.

More to follow if and when I take time out from playing…