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Staying Connected

I type this post from a MWR (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) center on Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. I’ve been in country a few days after a 22 hour journey from Texas. We’ve been staying in tents and going through some required inprocessing and training. We are due to depart for our permanent(ish) home for the next 15 months later today. Right now things are really heating up in Afghanistan as they cool down in Iraq. Just two days ago there was an insurgent raid of Taliban and other foreign soldiers on a small outpost (this is all over the news, btw) which resulted in 9 American deaths and 15 American casualties. It’s the largest and deadliest attack on US forces in 3 years. We will be providing the medical care at the base where the 15 were evacuated to. They were stabilized and then evacuated onto a military hospital in theater. I’m still not sure how to feel about the way things are going. In some ways I am motivated to hopefully be part of taking the fight back to the enemy and making the Taliban and their allies pay for this attack. Right now I’m also mostly just wanting to get to our permanent home and to get settled into a routine. I’m still not sure exactly where my permanent home will be, and probably won’t know that for several days. And of course that can easily change as the mission changes. I will continue to update the blog with entries and later with photos once I can get full connectivity.

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