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More action photos…

These are 3 pictures from when I tapped a kid's knee last week. The first is me prepping the knee, then it's me and SPC Strain not posing, and finally Dr. Paresh Patel (the battalion surgeon and an ER doc by trade) also not posing. The tap was negative so we ended up just treating him for an overlying cellulitis that resolved after a few days.

The vacant stare and protruding tongue are products of Ketamine, an anesthetic agent that works very well for short procedures. We have to use it fairly often for young children because they get so distressed by the environment and the procedures we perform here.  We use local anesthetics first, but they usually still get very upset by the process so we often sedate them.  These kids get what I call the "Ketamine Stare" where they lay with their eyes open staring, but they are unaware of what's going on. I put on a little Pink Floyd first and with the Ketamine onboard, send them to the Dark Side of the Moon.