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A brief respite

I type this post from the MWR center in Kuwait. It's Saturday, the third of January 2009 and I'm waiting to fly home on midtour leave shortly. I don't know my flight schedule as of yet, but I have to check in tomorrow morning at which time I will get my itinerary. I don't know if that means I'm leaving tomorrow or not. Probably within a few days at the worst.

I spent a night in Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan before flying here and although it's no surprise, these people at the bigger bases have an exponentially higher standard of living than the guys out at the tip of the spear. It's the nature of the beast that the farther you are from the supply hubs, the less comforts you will have but it should be the opposite.  It's nice to eat in a fully stocked mess hall and have access to the PX, Burger King, etc. but it also makes you kind of mad to see what these people have when they have never even heard a shot fired in anger much less been injured themselves or seen one of their friends die in front of their eyes.

I plan to spend a restful two weeks with my wife and our dogs and don't plan on doing anything involving a lot of driving or work…