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A lot of not much has been happening lately. I continue to pursue employment opportunities in grand ole D/FW. I'm waiting to hear back for an interview in the upcoming weeks. It's for a job with the VA, working out of a clinic in Ft. Worth. This should be a good opportunity on multiple levels. 1- It's in D/FW. 2 - It's a federal job (service, benefits, stable) 3- it's in a specialty in which I have alot of experience and can see myself staying long term. Hopefully the salary will be close to my expectations, assuming they actually offer me a job. I'll definitely have to take a pay cut from my current contractor position, but that's to be expected for a federal job. We'll see. On another professional note, I took and passed my recertification exam. That's a big professional check off that I won't have to worry about for another 6 years, or even 10 if they change the standard like has been discussed. I got the results only two days after taking the test which is much better than it was in 1998 when I took my first certification exam. I think I waited around 6 weeks to find out if I passed.