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A lot of this info is way after the fact due to my inconsistency in posting as well as the squarespace app on the ipad not getting along well with IOS6.  I had typed up a few updates in the last month or so only to find out I couldn't save or post them because the app is basically inoperative. 

Most importantly, we sold our house at the end of August (and paid $30K for the privilege) so we're now fully disconnected from Killeen and beginning the next chapter which should eventually result in our permanent residence here in DFW. 

In the gear section updates, PRS finally released the Angelus Custom SE to dealers and I got the first one from Sweetwater. I'm really happy with it so far, it reminds me alot of the Taylor I previously owned although I prefer this sound more (despite the Taylor costing 3x as much). I also was able to sell the Maton on Ebay and I got my buy it now price almost immediately. It's out for delivery today to the buyer and hopefully I'll get positive feedback and funds release from paypal not too long after. 

Aeyong made her trip home for her mother's 70th birthday and had a good time while she was there. It was nice for her to be able to make the trip, and paying for it with bonus credit card points was nice as well.  The only bad thing about it was April coming down with a really bad case of the runs and me having to stay home with her for a few days until she recovered enough that I wasn't worried about the house becoming a biohazard. I think it was a combination of stress from the separation and I might have fed her a bit too much cottage cheese one night. You live and learn. 

There are more details to relate but I wanted to at least get this update down while it was on my mind