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Gear, Gear, and more Gear

Enroute today is the MFC-101 Foot Controller for my AxeFXII. I've needed a new foot controller since I bought the original Axe Ultra, but I had put it off since I wasn't gigging and was able to manipulate it via software and front panel. This will free me up considerably to play and make changes mid song without having to stop and tweak knobs. It's going to require significant modification to my AxeII patches since they haven't been setup with a foot controller in mind. I also ordered two expression pedals from Mission Engineering as well as a pedal board/case to house everything in from NYC pedalboards. It will probably take a month or more for the NYC pedalboard to get made and shipped. Once it's all received, I should have a good gigging pedalboard that will allow me to control all the Axe parameters and run various pedal options like wah, volume as well as many customizable options.