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New Gear Day

I should be getting a visit from the Fedexcellent later today, and they shall be bearing none other than a Fender Jazz of the Geddy Lee Sunburst variety. I've wanted to add a bass to my gear for a long time, and the recent songwriting efforts as well as some informal jammage with my nephew Chris has motivated me to finally take the plunge. I may be overly optimistic, but I'm assuming I'll be able to make faster progress since I already play guitar, more specifically fingerstyle guitar where I use my right hand extensively. Getting used to the size and spacing of the strings will take a little while, but I'm hoping to start making something musical with it really soon.

I don't really have the intention to define myself as a bass player, although I will be trying to learn some parts that will most likely take me years to do them justice (it is a Geddy Lee model, after all). Feel free to laugh, but here are some of the tunes I already have in mind: Xanadu, Freewill, Tempus Fugit (Yes), YYZ (damn, I still need to learn the guitar part on that), La Villa Strangiato (that too). I'm leaving out many, but I'm hoping that a lot of the "less" challenging parts (you know, the ones not played by Geddy Lee or Chris Squire) will come easier.