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Updated Gear List

Since you asked. You did ask, didn't you? This is the list as it will look in a few weeks:

Gibson Les Paul Custom Black
Suhr Modern Black Cherry
Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Tobacco Sunburst
James Tyler Variax Tobacco Sunburst
Maton EBG808 Acoustic
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Tobacco Sunburst
Yamaha Classical

Roland RD700GX Digital Piano
M-Audio Oxygen 25 Midi Controller/Keyboard

Fractal Audio Axe Fx II
Fractal Audio MFC 101 Floor Controller (Mission Engineering EP-1 Expression Pedals (2))
TC Helicon Voiceworks Plus

Mixing/Signal routing
Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 Digital Mixer
Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless

Amplification/Sound Reproduction
JBL EON 515 (2)
Atomic Amplification Reactor Powered Wedge
Mesa Stiletto 4x12 Cabinet
M-Audio BX5A Studio Monitors (2)

Computer Hardware/Software
Apple iMac desktop (primary DAW)
Apple Macbook Pro (secondary - used with roland setup)
Apple Logic Studio
Native Instruments Komplete 7

Blue Chip picks (regular & thumb)
Slick Pick Thumbpicks
Elixir acoustic strings
D'Addario electric strings
Lava Cables
NYC Pedalboard

And last, but not least, the "to buy" list:

PRS Angelus SE Custom (this is the short term acoustic upgrade which will necessitate the sell of the Maton first), PRS Angelus Custom (this is the long term, after we buy a house, nice acoustic), Matrix GTFX800 SS Amp (for powering axe through Mesa stiletto or other guitar cabs), Port City Amp OS 2x12 wave cabinet (most likely will sell Mesa if I'm going to get this), Godin multiac nylon (with synth pin), Gibson ES (can't decide whether to go all out with an ES-175 or something semi like an ES-137), Roland electronic drums, nicer PA system (most likely JBL, but just a higher power system with subs). That's all I can think of at the moment. The only relatively likely item in the short term is the PRS SE Angelus. The others are all probably years down the road.