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Ahhh, professionalism...

I would have posted this to facebook, but this is probably a better venue (because no one will read it) for a short vent. When I arrived at work today, I discovered my computer had basically called it quits. It had done this a few times in the past, but it was usually revivable with a few hard reboots. This time, after 6 or 7 attempts it was still down for the count. I notified our administrator and the clinic chief and switched to an office across the hallway until they could fix the problem. We can't do our job in C&P without the computer (well, technically you could if you had the forethought to print out exam worksheets before the exam, but why would you do that, it would be wasting paper since they have to be submitted electronically anyway).

Long story short, the office I was borrowing had been reserved for another PA but he hadn't ever used it yet (he already has an office). I didn't think it would be a problem since I would most likely only need it for one or two days. I had notified the chief and administrator when I told them my computer was down that I was going to be using that office. Apparently he had received his keys last week, and today was going to be his big move-in day. He walked into the office after 8am and I was preparing to see my first patient and I quickly told him that I had to borrow his office until my computer was fixed.

Without going into all the gory details, he essentially threw a temper tantrum and said I had to get out of his office and he was going to call security. I explained to him that this was cleared through the chief of the clinic, and we could talk to him about it. This guy refused to talk to the chief and said he would get security if he had to.

He was blowing smoke, because this wasn't "his" office anymore than it belongs to anyone. It's the VA and everything is government property. He then later barged in while I was seeing a patient and acted like an ass in front of the patient as well.

I spoke to the chief of the clinic about his behavior and the chief said he would counsel him later. I made a point of documenting the encounter in detail and sending it to the chief. I haven't seen Mr professional since then, I'm hoping he's coming to realize what an unprofessional ass he was and is perhaps rethinking his conduct.

It was really random. I don't know this guy at all, we haven't previously interacted much at all. I almost wonder if he has borderline personality disorder or some other mental illness. That does stand out as the single most immature episode of behavior I have ever seen in a colleague since I became a PA nearly 14 years ago. I expect that sort of behavior from privates in basic training, but this was just plain weird. What an ass clown...