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Vampires are Alive!!!

This is so bad it's good. Apparently it's Switzerland's entry for the Eurovision song contest, which makes it even better. It seems a vampire's supernatural powers include some sweet dance moves. Hey, sometimes you just GOTTA DANCE (he shouted with an effeminate lisp). I wonder how many of those dancers have been out of work since the "Thriller" video? So, what's with the fire breathing and affection for horses?  I guess these are some of the lesser known vampire traits  (along with the twinkly toes).  It's a little too happy for an undead anthem; besides if you follow the "rules" most vampires like classical music. Yep, that's true. And no offense, but I expect my vampires to have names like Marius and Count Dracula. DJ Bobo doesn't quite have the undead ring to it, catchy though it is. 


Cheerful Humidity Moment

is going to be my band's name, I've decided. Once I get one, that is. Or maybe "Ninth Vegetable Quartet".  Of course, I am particular to "Timely Gargoyle Mutiny" as well. Decision, decisions. Need some help with creative inspiration? Check out the Band Name Generator for some rather amusing word combinations that seem to work pretty well as band names.

I’m Anakin Skywalker

…at least according to the Star Wars Personality test. When they asked what I lusted after most I chose power over money and love. They didn't count for the fact that I have love already and don't need more. But I do want to control the universe, so there's that. I don't think I'm quite as bratty as he was though. (Anakin: "Obi-Wan never lets me do anything!!" Mope, sob, whine. Throws miscellaneous spacey thing)

Update - 10 March 2008. Now I'm Boba Fett according to the test. I think this reflects my current work environment, as it indicates I would prefer to go alone and I'm willing to commit criminal acts to further my goals…