​A blog/journal about my life and the stuff I like. Popular subjects include music, guitars, gear, books, movies, video games, technology, humor.

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Polishing things up...

The site is almost back to where it was before the change to squarespace/godaddy although I need to re-upload some media that got lost in the shuffle. Then I can get back to actually using this thing on a regular basis. Comments about broken/missing links or anything else are welcome and encouraged.

Site Transfer

I am moving to a new web hosting service, and the domain transfer/site update process is not exactly going smoothly. I have to copy/paste all my old entries and update the date stamps for each. This means that the site is completely skullduggerized in its chronology at this point. Hopefully I'll have it fixed within a few weeks given time.

Still Breathing

What can I say, it’s been a busy 8 months or so. The site definitely needs maintenance and updates to make it a valid blog. Lots to come if and when I have time. I’m on the cusp of retirement (what comes after the cusp by the way?) and will be busy at work and other assorted events in the near future. I have lots of updates on the home life and a metric crap ton of gear updates. On the gear front, I can only say that I am much closer to gearvana than ever before (if such a thing is possible) For those wanting a hint I can only say: Fractal Audio, Roland, JBL, Presonus, Charvel, Maton, Mesa.

My First Post

This website grew out of a desire to share my musical “experiments” with the world at large (whether they are interested is entirely beside the point), and to act as secondary motivation for me to refine said experiments so they are fit for public consumption. If no one ever looks or listens at any of the material here, it will still have served its purpose. Hopefully anyone who does look will find something worth their time spent here. If not, suggestions on how to make it so are highly encouraged!