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Back to music centric posting...

I finally posted my Life On Mars cover video (version 3.5) to youtube and shared it on facebook. I decided to just post it as is in the weekend before I resumed my studies at Berklee. I knew I wouldn't have the luxury of time once classes got rolling. At the time I had a few run throughs of the mix, but planned on re-visiting the audio mix at the end of the semester. That's still the plan as of now. I've already learned a lot in the past few weeks so I'm confident I can obtain a much better result at that point. 

I'm not happy with the musical performances, but they do represent what I was able to create given a short window of time. I performed most of the parts on individual days (I think I performed both the drums and bass on the same day?) and then worked on the audio mix and video edits on subsequent days. My approach for videos has been to keep performing entire takes until I get one that is acceptable and stopping there. I'll have to figure out tactics for punch in type approaches for video. Recording myself performing the music on video/audio is a complicated process and that's when I'm capturing complete live takes. If I were to attempt to capture punch ins like I can do with audio, that would add just another layer of complexity that I'm not really ready to take on for a cover video. I might consider this for my own music in the future, but then I would likely not try to present the performance as a continuous unedited take. 

The response was generally positive from some close friends. I think the ones who actually took the time to comment were doing out of friendship as much as their actual enjoyment of the performance. I still appreciated it though, my overall ego is fairly bullet proof but my artist ego is a delicate flower at times. The musicians and musicophiles from whom I was hoping for feedback gave it the standard facebook "like" but didn't comment. I'm assuming that's their diplomatic way of telling me I need to keep working on my craft. And I appreciate that. My ears are good enough to know my version isn't going to make it on any top 100 Bowie Covers lists, for that matter it wouldn't make it on a top 100 Life On Mars covers list. But it's a work in progress and this represents a moment in time. A few short years ago I wouldn't have been capable of putting together, and I would have been lacking in the confidence to share it with anyone. 


Thought I would briefly drop in for a midsummerish update. I'm going into my second week of no homework and I'm getting antsy already. Still waiting to see if Berklee will update and finalize the music composition program curriculum. I've been taking some macprovideo courses (reviewing some theory and trying to dive in a bit deeper with Logic. still lots to learn).

Ye Olde Gloriouspaste Fedexerish Transport Apparatus is bringing forth some sonic splendor later today in the shape of Korg's flagship synth, the Kronos 2. I ordered one of these in April and it's just now being delivered. Somewhere between high demand and manufacturing/shipping shenanigans lies the answer as to why it took three months. No matter, it's in my hands tonight. And sometime in the next 15 or so years I might justify the expense.

I had put off getting a powerful synth workstation for a long time, mostly because I couldn't justify the need (which is still largely the case), but looking forward to the coming semesters at Berklee as well as my goal to dual major in production and composition, I'm pretty confident I'll have many practical exercises and projects by which to utilize and slowly master it. It's been heralded by many professional artists and producers as the best in the industry at the current time. My only small concern is the keybed feel. I have no doubts it's good, I'm just accustomed to the Roland RD700 I've been playing for five years. In all other aspects I'm confident it will exceed my expectations. I can't wait to try all the preprogrammed patches (Baba O'Riley, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Superstition, etc.). There's enough for a keyboardist in a cover band to play about 12 hours continuously without needing to create anything new. I'll have more to say I'm sure, but it will probably take months if not years for me to wrap my head around all it can do.