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Ding Dong the Witch is Gone

A brief follow up to the various Workplace Drama posts from the past 18 months. The provider in question must have seen the writing on the wall and apparently decided to transfer to another VA facility in Central Texas. I assume her accusations had been falling on deaf ears for months because I never heard a peep about it. Other than the provider who shot himself in the foot (metaphorically) and was fired (triggered by her accusations but caused by his actions), nothing came out of her tall tales. It’s nice to have that chapter behind us. I was never worried about the truth, I was worried about whether the VA leadership would actually do their job. Not knowing the details of what transpired, it seems cooler heads have prevailed. This happened several weeks ago and even before then things had been pretty quiet at work. It’s nice to just go in, do the work, and then come home with no ancillary bullshit.